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Latest News August 29, 2023

A Tropical Storm, an Earthquake and a Rock Slide

It was quite a weekend in Woodland Hills, CA (August 19/20) during the Tropical Storm Warning. Had the privilege of presenting at St Mel’s Parish and was touched by the kind welcome from Fr Steve Davoren to the security guy and everyone in between. The storm brought no wind; just a steady rain and big puddles. Fr Steve put me in a 5th floor room of a nice hotel nearby which gave me a great view of the area but Sunday’s 5.1 earthquake kept me packed and ready to get to the stairs if needed. On my way home from California, took highway 8 and was diverted around a rock slide.

Arizona Marian Conference

At the annual Marian Conference in Scottsdale, AZ (Aug 25, 26, 27) roughly 1200 people gathered to ponder, honor, and breathe in the humility of the Mother of Jesus. I was unable to attend any talks, but in the gift store at our Family Prayer Lights table, I heard profound testimonies and was reminded how each person who commits to the ongoing process of conversion IS THE NEWS. We are each called to enter the Ark where we can be more quickly and completely formed to fulfill our mission as signs of hope, centers of peace, vessels of God’s mercy, and points of stability. The world of pretense and confusion is thirsty for our witness that God is God and we are not.

Be the sign

Thank you for being a team member and helping us remind as many souls as we can reach that instead of wasting time looking for a sign – we are right now being called and equipped by God to BE THAT SIGN. It’s time.

St James OKC

In 2 days I drive to Oklahoma City to present at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for their monthly First Friday Holy Hour & Mass. Saturday morning in Moore, I’ll celebrate with Sr. Maria  of the Holy Trinity as her work in the Gospel of Life marks 10 years of service to the elderly! At St James in Oklahoma City I’ll present at all 7 masses, encouraging all to allow the Holy Eucharist to become Holy Communion. Please pray that the most distant souls in attendance will HEAR this call so that miracles will begin for them and their families. We are each called to be a sign of hope at this hour in human history.

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