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Click video to see LIVE. If it does not go LIVE, refresh page and try again. Be sure you have correct time of LIVE (private) broadcast.  THANK YOU so much for helping us reach more souls! Song, Story or Prayer Requests can be texted to (888) 573-7632

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Latest News March 15, 2024

Inspirations Along The Way

The flow of new ideas, stories, memories, songs, and reflections is all but non-stop as I drive. This brand new video series is meant to be a simple way to share and not overwhelm. It was fun coming up with the format and I look forward to creating more of these!  


Bartelsville, Oklahoma

I drove to invite at all weekend masses and Mary flew out for the night she shared her testimony at the three day Lenten Mission we presented at St John Parish in Bartlesville, OK. Fr John O’Niel w

Be the sign

Thank you for being a team member and helping us remind as many souls as we can reach that instead of wasting time looking for a sign – we are right now being called and equipped by God to BE THAT SIGN. It’s time.

Sedona, Arizona

Before visiting Bartlesville, OK, Mary and I presented the Lenten Mission at St John in Sedona, Arizona. And yes I actually snapped this picture. If ever a Catholic Parish was design for The Shire, it would be St John in Sedona, AZ. 

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